2005 Lexus SC430 Questions

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Red light continues to blink , but nothing happens . What can I check. I just bought the car . Took it out worked for a couple of times. Tried to put it down today. Would not work just blinked red ?
The trunk opens and the windows go down. The top wants to retract, but the latch, or latches wont release. Is this a sensor problem, or is a latch stuck?
Dealer states the door was in the open position when I dropped off the car. This is not correct...they just don't want to take responsibility. Dealer wants $225 to fix. Are there instructions available to fix the problem myself?
I had the Lexus mechanics check my horn while they were replacing my (recalled) airbags. They tell me it is a spiral cable problem. Where do I find this part? Or someone to fix it without costing me a fortune?
I ran out of gas in my 2005 lexus sc430. I added three gallons of premium unleaded and the engine still will not turn over? Do I need to manually prime the fuel injectors......
trickle charger indicates 100%, but key fab doesn't work and when I try to start the car no lights come on and the car won't start. Battery is only 1 year old. Car acts as if the battery is dead. no sounds, no nothing.
Got new run flat tires this summer what does this mean
How do I gain access to the bulb ?
I used a light tester to confirm that no juice was getting to the horn. What do I try next?
on my 2005 sc430, REAR BUMPER, there was a separate piece approx. 3" x 8" that snapped into the bumper, thus making the rear bumper ''whole" with no holes, except for the 2
screw holes for the license plate. without this component, there is an opening in the bumper which reveals the foam core, etc. on the bumper itself. does any one else also have this component on the bumper? if so, can you help me with a photo of your rear bumper showing the bumper to be one whole piece with just the
two screw holes for the license plate. please help! thanks so much!!!!
I just don't want to pay Lexus $75 to replace a light bulb.!!
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