2002 Lexus SC430 Questions

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My antena on my sc 450 will not go up. Is there a way to put it up manually.
I tried to open top first it tried window went down trunk open a little and closed open again and closed I pushed the close button and tried again and nothing happened
Good afternoon, I have not use the top for few years I treed today and it try open the first time, windows went down back open a little and stop I closed it and tried again red light on button but nothing
Whenever I fill my tank with gas it doesn't read full. It only reads about 3/4 tank. It happens everytime I fill my tank with gas.
works fine nav.door won' close fuses under hood O.K.
The antenna worked very well. It got broken in the car wash.
estimate of 2000.00 to high?
There are no more GPS updates for Lexus Gen 2 GPS and I understand the Gen 4 can replace the Gen 2 DVD player in the trunk. Will this replacement work correctly as I can get GPS map updates for the Gen 4 units?
The top opens fine. When you go to close it , the top closes but the trunk lid doesn't come down, hence the back windows don't close and then you can push trunk down. Has a buzzing noise in trunk that seems to be under the trunk covers on the right front. It's not the antenna.
reset engine ck light. vsc off came on and would not go off
Had something on the tonneau and didn't know it and try to convertible and they broke off then tonneau brackets or maybe called stoppers
i have the light out there seem something hold ont in place
My Car slow on take off & after second gear goes, start decreasing speed again? I got a new fuel pump, fuel filter, screen and all new fuel injectors. Why is my car barely pulling on take off and afterward second gear it rides great but starts pulling back speed again?
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