1996 Lexus SC400 Questions

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I've been searching forums and sites to find info on how to replace the starter on the 96 sc400.
manifold absolute pressure sensor, I can not locate in my repair manual and am having no success locating on the internet. Where can I find this sensor please
Well the display has always been dim since the day I got it,but it went out completely won't power on completely dead?
It may be rod inside door for window and door. Can you give me approximate cost Can you fix it?
car will not backup in reverse gear but works well in forward gears.
LCD screen lights up but no text.
the LCD screen for a/c control systen lights up but there are no messages showing on screen nor do any sysytems a/c, heat,
i changed three catilytic will not get over 35 mph.converter gets red hot.
Today an independent ASE certified mechanic told me that
I've never had my spark plugs or wiring harness changed.
My 15 year old Lexus drives like a dream at 122K and has had
regular maintenance at the dealer.
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