1994 Lexus SC400 Questions

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Tranny shifts from 1st to 2nd then shifts right into 3rd then instantly shifts to 4th
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it does it everytime u start off
How long have you had this problem? About a week
Any leads please help were to start /computer
Seems like 1 cylinder not firing
It "did" work after replacing the whole switch?, but just one day's not. Don't know what other components to check, that would cause this problem. Btw.....the motor & fuses are fine. HELP!!!!
Once my car would cool at first it would go back in gear and drive. Now it doesn't move at all no matter which gear I put the car in. What could be the cause of this before i let a mechanic stick my pockets up?
i replaced both knock sensors and that did nothing to help the problem,i lost $400.00,plus labor,i had the computer re done,for $300.00, that didn't help either'i had the wiring traced and tested,they were fine,car still reads code 51 and 52,bad knock sensors,no power, it ideals up and down, can some one tell me what the problem is?
just recently cut off the cavt. converter and replaced it with a straight pipe and also replaced the radiator. The car continues to do the same thing.... RPM goes up real high before shifting and once it hits about 60mph it runs okay....The shop i took it to could not find the problem. I was going to replace the transmission filter and gaskets, spark plugs, and coil packs but unsure if i should if that is not the problem. has this happened to someone else.
The lights have been dimming but it has cranked everytime, today I tried to crank it and it just makes a spinning noise
Where can I get online pictures of the drivetrain assembly so I can identify the damaged parts on my vehicle.
2 times this month
Changed spark plugs and all new wiring, still missing. Need information on timing advance, spark advance and electrical. What do I need to look for? Please help
several months ago something went wrong with the heating / cooling system in my cars seems as though something may be wrong in the air delivery duct the heating mode, the engine is making hot air but air barely comes out of the duct the a/c mode, cold air comes out of the drivers side dash vent at a reduced rate and the rate of air movement from the rest of the dash vents is even more reduced.
I was driving and notice that my temp guage suddenly went all the way up so I stopped and shut off the care. Went out and the engine did not feel any hotter than normal. Cranked the car and the guage was now half way up. I drove the car and the guage continued to go up and down at will, going all the way up and then coming down about half way and then up again. There were no fluids coming out of the engine and it did not smell hot. Is it the sensor or could it be something else.
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