1993 Lexus SC400 Questions

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I just did a oil change and filter . I thought that was the reason it was not starting I also disconected the, battery cables for 15min. And it started. It started three times then would turn over but not start. Now it will start cold but not once it is warmed up
Car is getting spark and fuel just want crank have changed rotor buttons and distributed caps plus new crankshaft position sensor check engine light stays on when you turn car off
i can hear a noise from the switch but nothing from the motor. i heard that there are 3 fuses for the windows. where are they located? could both motors blow at once?
Trunk was totally operational prior to two weeks ago. Tried to open trunk from inside to no avail. Tried key on outside to no avail. Is there any other way to get trunk open to trouble-shoot problem?
Stop Going Forward when In Drive Gear
My car is acting strange it's done it before. It's like the car has a mind of its own. I used to put cheep gas and it started to shake and exhaust smoke would pour in my cabin. So I changed to premium after the mistake I made. So it ran great for a month but just recently it started again it would stall and shake and smoke would come in the whole 9 yards. The check engine light is not on so what's wrong? I love this car but I can't figure out the problem. Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks
The speedometer bounces all over. It registers 80 when I am doing 35, and it will stay at 40 when I am stopped. I am at a loss why it is malfunctioning
not sure why it wont engage?could it be a relay holding me up?maybe electrical?not sure where to go from here?
put new starter in but didnt work had it checked and found out it wasnt but not completely engaging do i need to shim
I noticed that my check engine light and traction light both came together and my car was real doesn't want to pull while in the drive gear position but it while go forward in the other lower gears but you will have to shift out as if was manual. What causes this to happen?
when i drive the differential sounds fine no grinding but when i lightly press the gas there is a clanking sound
93 Lexus Sc400 run slow when driving(taking off) Pepboys said it was my Exhaust.
my driver side wont open from inside and outside whats the problem
Overheating..replaced the thermostat, water temp sensor, neg bat cable back on after several days. no accessories,power lock, antenna, alarm, personal lights,radio and warnings
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