1992 Lexus SC400 Questions

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once car warms up car stars to run sluggishly with no power response in acceleration
When i diconnected the whote harness under the rear seat next to the white harness all the speakers played correctly.. when i plug it back in, they pretty much stop playing. I havent tried the orange harness but i thought orange harnesses were for abs?
Engine will not crank or turn over
Have a Lexus SC400. Its been sitting for awhile. Seen a couple videos figured it might be a fuse l. Can someone help me out?
The car will start when its cold, other times the car will not start..but it will turn over like it wants to start and die out. Then after several attempts to start the car it idles and runs great?It never has not started. Someone told me that it could be the gas that I buy?
This happens when first started in the AM. Noise last only 15 seconds or so, but then it shifts fine and no noise the rest of the day. Just had transmission replaced. No noise when in nuetral or park. Also had oxygen sensor replaced, but have check engine light on and no traction control. Problem shows as code 21 for the oxygen sensor. Anyone familiar with like problems?
i hear a whinning noise at times when car is having problems. but for the most part,car runs great. what could it be
Does not downshift takes up very slow and drive no passenger no overdrive what class is this
Ac dash lite started flashing off n on...Next the ac fuse blew so it is replaced... Now the clutch on the compressor won't engage.Is this a bad relay? How do I troubleshoot this to find the causerie
my starter went out .I had it changed.Then on the freeway my accelerator got stuck,needless to say I had to change my tranny.while test driving it started to lose power the door lock switches started to lock and unlock on their own.another test drive and now it hasn't any spark.fuel pump works could bad gas have an affect as to why it wont start?gas tank has been emptied gas lines have been air dried.crank angle sensor has been changed .fuses and relays are good what else can cause this?
Ive recently had the timing belt replaced, car now starts but wont idle, obd1 code 15 is now showing up, what exactly does this all entail?
a muffler but my air flow system is breathing what is wrong with my car
Compressor will not turn on but has been checked and does work. Fan works but only blows hot air. Previous owners son put original radio back in without hooking up. Could he have cut a wire or done something to air conditioning?
The transmission did not exhibit any problems, pulled hard and shifted smoothly. Then gradually started taking it's time to find a gear. Now there is a slight whine noise and long hesitation to reverse and no other gear. Full of fluid and not mistreated about 145,000 mi. I am not getting any codes except a 71 which seems to be a hard code in this computer. Used computer that seemed to work well in this car. Have cleared this code only to have it reappear......... Hope someone can help....
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