1997 Lexus SC300 Questions

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Need to replace O2 sensors. Don't know how many I have and where they are all located.
Ok, I just got this Lexus SC300 6 days ago. It never started or turned over. I replaced the battery with a Lexus approved one.I replaced the starter after getting a brand new one tested and it passed. Replaced and checked all fuses and relays that are associated to starting. checked and confirmed the neutral safety switch is working. I started the engine from the starter, just real fast only. Help me identify the issue please.
Car accelerates as if the Brakes is not coming together like their rubbing, smoke coming from New brake Pads,old brake pads scratch up rotors,everytime car drive for twenty mins car gives a hard time while driving
battery good starter good, ignition come on and works,
having problem with no power to the starter wire,no gas and no spark at the plugs when i jump the starter, no power at the trunk switch, i need help.
What could have the car shut down like that is ir the computer and how can I fix it.
after replacing main fuse
cd stuck in old one
Was told to check the rear light interface reporting modual, only how ?
fuel gauge ( digital ) doesn`t work , always showing empty.
sending unit is OK .
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