1993 Lexus SC300 Questions

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I need to know how many holes the part has. Because one guy is telling me there’s a huge price difference between the I think 10 holes and 12 hole part.
What does the engine do when the Engine Control Computer is bad or going bad?
On the 1993 Lexus SC300
Both lights stay on constantly but the light accationaly may flicker off car runs fine then but the lights come right back on
My soarer wont start. Checked all basics and can hear fuel pump work when you turn ignition on got all reds working so there is power to everything but nothing when you try and crank it over
what company offers an extended warranty for my 1993 sc300 with about 152000mile
I need help in taking off the alternator and the belt off my Lexus SC 300 so I can have the Alternator checked out to see if I need to replace it.
air is blowing but it cool air

timming belt sprocket poss with mark face up or down
could someone please tell me what wires are for what on the maf? thank you
For the last 2 years sometimes the windows won't go up or down.Sometimes they are O.K. but more and more often they won't.
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