1992 Lexus SC300 Questions

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I need to replace the fuel gauge bulbs for my vehicle. I cant locate the information regarding the correct size for replacement bulbs located behind the dashboard.
I cant find the same exact code for my year car. Can i use the same code from diffrent car year? Or what codes fit my 1992?
Engine stalls when slowing down or stopping
I replaced the head gasket water pump plugs wares cap and roter buttin and it want stay gunning when I start it
I have a problem in my car with the diagnosis port under the dash. I was wondering if it is a known problem or if it's fairly new? If you hook up a computer to diagnose the car it doesn't want to communicate with the car due to either a wire messing up or the car itself. This has happened twice with two different auto shops. It would be good to know about this.
If you have any problems with cluster/climate.please text or email me at
I recently am home now and cleaned up my neglected car and replaced the dead battery. I have no power to anything other than the horn and the ingnition chim works. What could be causing this lack of power
it starts normaly, drives smooth, everything else operates correctly.
Key fob has new batteries and the vehicle fuses are fine. Is there a reset for this. Any help would be appreciated.
Outside mirrors will not operate from inside remote buttons. Fuses are fine. Any ideas to repair this problem?
blown head gasket
how to freeup a stuck valve no compression in #5
i have a 92 sc300 2jzge its a manual can anyone give me advice on what to do whenever i step on the clutch an start the motor my car rolls forward and it in neutral and when i put it in gear it wont go but it would reverse im clueless any one have any advice
over the last year my heater worked fine when first started,once i turned engine off and then back on it would only blow cold air.Over the last week all it does is blow cold air brrr,what could be wrong
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