2008 Lexus RX400h Questions

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Put in key press brake turn key, and no ready light. Leave come back ready light comes on . no problem. This is after about 1 to 2 hours.
I have to replace my 120 amp alternator fuse but is bolted inside the fuse box
What maintenance is needed for my AWD hybrid Lexus SUV? At 106 k miles?
My schedule maintenance log shows at 60,000 miles to Replace engine oil & oil filter, reset reminder light, rotate tires, visually inspect brake pads & rotors & road test vehicles.

The additional maintenance required is if u drive on dirt or dusty roads. I do not.

Yet when I call shops to get estimates-they include the additional maintenance.
dealer says front motor mount is soft and dogbone should be replaced, it this common with only 82,000 miles.
Price is below blue book and dent free.
I was on the highway, in traffic, driving like I normally do, except I had the AC on. I noticed that the Hybrid battery Icon drained to almost nothing within a min. Is the battery malfunctioning? Can the battery completely drain while I am driving,. I had to shut the AC off (sweat ) and then the battery starting to come back up. however it took a while. I had to drive in a hot car, in order to have the battery charge back up
I drove it yesterday and it was fine. Tried to leave this morning and could not turn the key. I have never known anything like this. Is this a problem Lexus have? My car has 135,000 miles.
The car won't pass inspection because the person in rear can't get out because the lock doesn't work with the power windows. The child lock is off so it doesn't have anything to do with that.
Should I anticipate high service costs? Pros and cons of 2008 vs 2010???
Pull into drive with power steering operating fine. P/S warning light now on and no power assist when attempting to turn wheel
my engine the water pumps was leaking, I have drove this car for five year, and recall after recall, my non hybrid battery drain before the warranty is out, and now, I had to purchase a water pumps. The not so funny part about this issue is each and every Hybrid entering the dealer door has to have a water pump replaced. The IPM module is the only factor that I can think about that would damage my water pump after five year of riding on a bad IPM. Can you try to explain if/when is bad IPM could cause a bad water pumps, Thank You so much, Gina Green
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