2006 Lexus RX330 Questions

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Why is there a whining noise when engine is idling & gets worse when I accelerate
I need to change the thermostat on this car because it is overheating
I need to replace the thermostat on the car because it is overheating.
The 4 lexus logo lights on the bottom of the door jams that comes on when the door is open. The one on the front passenger side does not come on I'm assuming it's a fuse or a bulb how do I replace it
My auto shop is telling me that I have to pay $1,400 to repair my front and rear brakes, including pads, shims, and rotors. If I just get the front brakes done now, and the back later, will by car be safe to drive cross country?
When it's closed & it rains or I take it through car wash, water leaks in at sunroof & sun visor mounts I am concerned about mold growing in head liner
I know they have recall/replace the dash on other vehicles. My dash is all cracked and I'm afraid the air bag will pop out if it gets any worst.

Thank you
It happened twice in 3 months during 3-4 hour extend trips driving at turnpike speeds. If feels like a tire is seperating it is so strong of a bumping noise. I pulled off, saw nothing obvious and everything was fine the rest of the trip. Sounds and feels like you are trying to put it in park??maybe, hard to explain
Dealer say brakes etc are fine both times.
I just had the relay switch replaced for $507 and was told it would last approx 6 months before I would have to replace the compressor & relay for approx $3,000. Is this true?
Hi, after a general service my car's traction light came on, then the car would not start - the service team took my car away to be assessed in safe mode. it has been two weeks now and they cant figure it out? anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks Amanda
If AFS light is flashing and the AFS button on the dash does not turn it off, what is wrong?
Sunday night I was driving down an interstate and I started hearing loud pops like my tires were popping .. I almost lost control. I eventually ended up in the middle median.
My RX330 was towed to a garage where the obvious break was my back rear driver axle - they replaced this - once completed the truck would not move. It was then towed to the Lexus dealership who has advised the transfer case - a sealed unit that uses the transmission to push power to the rear wheels went which in turn broke the first point of connection being my rear axle . .
My rear axle has been fixed by the first garage . .
Lexus has quoted me $2597 for parts and $2498 for labor = $4952.03
Does anyone know anything about this?
Any help is appreciated . . .my truck is at the dealership and I don't know how to respond :( Please help.
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