2004 Lexus RX330 Questions

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Radio and clock turn on in the middle of the night and run the battery dead. If I remove fuse 19 problem goes away, but heater display and all other displays are unable to be accessed.
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
When you push down on the gas pedal nothing happens
The emergency break is loose and does not engage in the first 5-10 clicks of the pedal. A car inspector (at overseas military base) told me to have the emergency break cable tightened.
i have Lexus rx 330 i already change starter, alternator, battery ,timing belt on my car odometer 158000 mile on it now my mechanic say computer is bad need to change .right now i try to turn on its clicking but not turn on the engine
while i am driving all of sadden shut off
Some days shifts from 2 to 3 wear like is slip bout other days is like nothing is wrong to the trans so whats the problem??
3 lights on simultaneously while driving Pulled over pronto & checked manual and Google Lexus forum. Checked for any fluid leaks/none and temp rock solid where always. Said check gas cap and 1-2 drives light go off its that's it. Drove the short distance home and parked it. Next day went to drive around neighborhood to see if lights would go off. Made it about 50 yards/loud engine noise. Parked curbside/turn off/checked under car/really fast pink fluid leak/assumed coolant. Walked back to car later/still leaking running down gutter and coolant reservoir appears empty. Power steer and tran fluid appear ok. Don't get why VSC and trac off would come on in connection with major coolant leak
the tail light is melted and need to know if it could be an electrical issue.
wife car battery was dead, when ask someone to help her with jumping cables to star car, they put cable wrongly but car did start.. when they remove cable and were going to move car... and accelerate pressing gas pedal.. the gas pedal don increase the
rpm's.. engine runs but not accelerate when gas pedal is press down..?
Several times I open the boot or trunk of my car manually I.e, I have to open one of the rear passenger doors to stretch my hand to open the boot of mycar,
Driver side temp control button fails to change temp from max cold to any higher temp
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