2003 Lexus RX300 Questions

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This car has 176000 miles,all components are working and lamps with the exception of the stop lights also high and low beams , I check in fuse box in cabin and engine compt
Can’t put the finger on what’s or where the problem is.Any idea?
Thanks Jose.
I have had several issues on low mpg on my car. always difficult to go above 13 mpg. what can i do
Hello, Drive Lexus RX 300 Production January 2003 With Gas Injection. Yesterday, when I was driving it, I was impressed that the dashboard turned off the sector where the automatic speeds were running, and the dipstick did not work, but the car was running normally. I stopped in one place after which she did not want to light. The battery was spinning, but it was not flashing. I tried to ignite it, the car ignited, but the speed lights and the temperature measuring arrow were not working on the dashboard.I went home and quenched it and tried again to burn it on gasoline. This time he lit up with difficulty, with the dashboard stop lighting completely. The car was working on gasoline just as if it was drowning, and I tried to make it out, and it went out, as the instrument panel was fine and worked normally, including now the speed and speed. I just lit it again, but the dash was all but extinguished, but the car was working.
This is the first time this happened
Just had bearing replaced ever since my car gets put in drive and I start to accelerate it makes like a weird grinding type noise didn't know if this would be a error the mechanic made or something else only does it when the car just starts to accelerate
The main hood latch won't catch.
Is this a fair price. I have not been experiencing any problems. He said should do before there is a problem?
When I fill my tan, my gas gauge only shows 1/3 full. This is a new thing after 200,000 miles.
Hi, I have a Lexus RX 300 2003 model that has no acceleration after ignition and when in gear. Only the reverse work without issues, however while in drive, I experience no power in acceleration only until the car has warmed up and after at least 20 minutes of waiting. The acceleration may not work even after warm up and so I have to rev the engine for a couple of minutes before it works.

I have replaced the oxygen sensor heater control some and the check engine light went off however the issue still persists. What other measure could cause such an issue.

Am writing all the way from Kenya therefore I may not be able to find a local dealer on your site. I would rely on your advice to guide the mechanics here as well as ensure the right process is followed.

I hope you can help me on this issue.

Kind regards
Brake pedal depresses, braking occurs, but bumps and chatters
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