2002 Lexus RX300 Questions

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I am trying to replace the side airbag sensor.
When I start the car, it goes on high idle initially. It does breaks down to normal, but after driving about 2 blocks, it returns to high idle and will remain there until the engine gets cold again.
the vsc lite &check engine lite remain on this is the reason took to tech for help upon checking replaced af and oxy solenoids, convertor,,VVt solenoid,,still misfire on 302 04 06.. now wants replace camshaft intake sticking??? need your thoughts Gene
It Stays in neutral. It has 202,000 miles. Recently had the transmission fluids drained and refilled. Currently waiting to hear back from the mechanic shop.
while driving car started losing power . pulled over and it was overheating yemp gauge wasnt registering anything
My lexus RX300 transmission system is not selecting after working on the shaft.
shfter is hard to get out of park and into drive....
what causes the shifter to jam?
Have no brake lights!
i wrongly interchanged battery terminals
Transmission issue began about 2 wks ago on road trip (ie., car rapidly accelerated, gears wouldn't shift, and made slight squealing sound. Had it diagnosed & received codes P0770 & P765, I think. Moreover, I also received code P1135 but I believe that was for a O2 sensor, don't know if that's related. Anyways, the following day started car without problem but haven't tried to drive it since. In fact, I had car transported back home to be safe. Is it okay for me to try to add transmission fluid to see if this helps? Also what is the avg.cost of repair? I don't have a warranty so I'm trying to determine if the car's value is worth the cost of repair. In addition, I'm concerned if there will be more costly problems as a result of this major transmission issue. Please advise!!
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