2001 Lexus RX300 Questions

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I changed the spark plugs and noticed it had an oil leak. I started the car and it shut down do to the low oil light came on. I know it has a feature to shut down the car when the low is low to protect the engine. So what do I do.
During warm weather hatch stays up fine but when temp drops to lower 30's it slowly creeps down
When I brake the pedal goes to the floor about every third push. Is this the brake booster or master cylinder? What would be the cost to repair?
started app 6 months ago seemed when engine shifting from 2nd to 3rd, now seems to happen from 3rd to 4th, can feel & hear it from rear, don't notice @ faster speed on hwy
iwant change out the battery cables first ...the ones I bought have only one spot to make connections on each post ....but the Lexus 300 rx 1999 has two positive wire that are connected to two separate positive connections on the battery connect from the factory.....Question I join both Positives on the connector ....or do they need to be separted buy the type of battery connector that has the two connections?
On road loose metal nuts bolt sound. Shop said bolts loose. Noise still there I'm afraid to drive. What all is taken loose or off to replace rear valve cov gasket. Going back today do I just ask them to recheck everything they disconnected or took off? Help please someone who knows not from state of Mississippi. They were hush hush on the loose bolts. Felt like what else??? Please I would appreciate some helpful advice. They didn't do any ck for codes. I don't have over $900 again.
Squeaking from front of car under hood. I hear it mostly when the car is cold. Could it be the timing belt? Had it changed at 95k.
Mechanic says both valve cover gaskets need to be replaced. He showed me, and it did seem like both were oozing. Quite a bit of oil on my garage floor. Coincidence?
My 2001 Lexus RX300 makes this beeping sound that seems to be coming from around steering wheel area. Every time the beeping sound comes on my cruise control no longer works and I have to press the gas petal (vs. cruising obviously) my steering wheel also feels like I have less control. I was told there was a recall on the Toyota ignition. Could this be the problem on my car?
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