2000 Lexus RX300 Questions

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when you turn on the ac you hear squeeking grinding sound
The foam padding underneath the floor mats next to the chassis is soaking wet. Could be debris but checked the a/c hose opening and it is clear. If I find the water source, how would i ever dry that foam you cannor on remove..
the window master switch on drivers door stopped working and caused all windows problems. the drivers window is stuck down. can I jump the wires to get it up ? what color wires do I jump ?
200 lexus r 300 bought is ised an has 185000 miles on it. It does have a small e haust leak coming from a flex pipe.
My Lexus RX 300 had knock sensor bank circuit 2 problem ,I changed the two sensors ,few weeks later ,the gear stopped selecting . I later serviced the gear filter and also changed the oil . Recently the gear started jerking . what could be the cause and what are the solutions .
When you turn on the ac the light blinking on & off but no air is blowing
My 2001 Lexus RX300 idels rough & has 169k mi and just today we changed the plugs and coils on it. When we started it up it rans smooth and accelerated smooth like a new car again then took it for a lap around the subdivision and pulled into the driveway and the check engine came back on then it started flashing then it went solid again. Code b4 the plugs and coils said bank 1 misfire but the coil was still good but to be safe we replaced all 6 plugs and all 6 coils and havent pulled the codes yet because everywhere is closed on Sat. night and running short of ideas of what it could still be. I did notice a foul smell when idling when we returned to the driveway but then it went away. Please help Lexus mechanics we dont have money to be guesssing anymore:(
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Cold
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
When I turn on the A/C the air only flows through the defrost. No air is coming from vents
I was told by the dealer they have a new design that prevents excessive oil use. However we have about 190,000 mile on it. Starts up with excessive smoke when cold and seems to clear up after warm up. Uses a lot of oil when traveling long distance on highway.
In the dash....sounds like a mini machine gun. Usually when AC is on but can do it with nothing on. Was told it may be an actuator door?
Need to glue it back
I replaced knox sensors, sprark plugs, gas cap,thermast, diagrapham and still have a check engine light come on. Why? Also over drive sometimes works and othertimes it does not engage. Why
Could be a draw but would have to further diagnose
When I turn head lights on the center console dims. I just put a new battery in. It has never did this before.
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