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How much should it cost to have 2 catalytic converters and an oxygen sensor replaced?
My car will start only if my foot is on the gas pedal to keep the RPMs up. Once my foot is taken off the gas pedal, the RPMs will go all the way down and the vehichle shuts off. What can I do to possibly fix it....I am not mechanically savvy, but can try before I spend alot $$$ on repairs.
My A/C is working, in the sense that it is blowing cold air. Yesterday while the car was running, it just randomly auto-changed (best way to describe it) and no longer responds to my changing of the knobs/desired output of A/C.
After some simple googling it seems it 'could' be the resistor? Or is it a problem with the digital display? Thank you.
When I use my remote to lock doors, driver's side does not lock. I have to lock manually with key. Is this due to faulty actuator? If so, is it easy to repair? What is cost for material and labor?
My car has 204K plus miles. I changed timing belt around 103K. Miles on car primarily highway. Do I need to change timing belt ONLY or should I buy a timing belt kit (belts, water pump, etc.)? Lastly, approx what will be labor charge?
My wife was driving her car last night when all of a sudden it died on her and there was a burning smell under the hood. When I got there, she had absolutely no power to anything in the vehicle. I took the battery out and gave it a full charge. I put it back in the car and tried to start it, nothing. Not even dashboard lights, radio, etc. I put a multimeter across the terminal and it read zero. I disconnected the positive battery cable and the mult meter read 8-10. I had a light meter? that I clipped to the positive cable and then connected to the positive stem on the battery and the light lit up. Does this mean a fuse is blown? If so, where would that fuse be? Are there other tests I can do? Is the alternator bad? Please help.
Should I replace the transmission on a 1999 Lexus RX 300 with 180k miles? I was quoted 3500.00 with a 30k mile warranty.
10 year old grandson in car=how do I disable passenger side air bag
Transmission will not shift down into 3rd gear. So when the car gets to about 50 mph the rpm's are still very high (4000 rpm) Is this something I can fix myself or is it a dealer onyl kind of thing?

129,000 miles, ABS light comes on and pulses when ever brakes are applied no matter what the road conditions. AT highway speed the light comes on with out using the brakes. once I slow to city driving again the light goes out.
just purchased 99 RX300. was slugish on accerlation, changed oil, oil filter, air fliters, idfferential fluids, tranmission fluid. added fuel injection cleaner. that took care of the sluggish acceleration but still has low, 12 MPG average, and high RPM (3000 @ 70 MPH) dealer told me that they replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor. no check engine light ????
This vehicle has 250k miles but engine was replaced by Lexus at 100k. At approx. 140k car began to idle/run rough and not able to go into overdrive (OD)and bad exhaust/fuel smell. Had oxygen sensors replaced and problem went away for approx. 3 mos. but now back...had a check of codes and came back with the following --P0300, P0305, P0304 and P0446. What exactly do these codes represent and they pinpoint the real problem or just a starting point? I should also say that my check engine light is not on. Any help/guidance is appreciated.
i need to know what to do in order to make the control for the mirrors to work.
I have owned since 25,000 miles. has 125,000 miles. Fully maintained. Just put new brakes on. Did Right Front wheel bearings at 100,000 miles. Other than that no problems. What kind of mileage do you see comparable cars lasting to? Is it time to trade in for something else?
how much does it cost to replace the ignition coils in the RX300
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