1999 Lexus RX300 Questions

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Floor, and not responding when brake is applied. Took to break masters and was told it may be electrical issue and have something to do with abs?? But can't pin point and sending me to dealership?? Any ideas??

Started hearing loud noise from rear, growling/humming/?? Sound and vibration that stays constant but will level off once cruising at a set speed, and get louder if and when accelerateing. How can I determine if its hubs/bearing issue or bad tire issue, as I've read that both of these issues can sound similar. Can the average Joe do this at home, or does this need to be done in shop setting with a certified mechanic.

Is at the correct level. is there a fairly easy way to rule out possible issues and find the problem for the average car owner. Or does this need to be done in shop setting by cert mechanic?

It is still misfire ing. Check engine light. Comes on and goes off repeats

The weather was cool I turn air condition to hot, after turning back to max cool the air condition does not cool again

has no thumping sounds it runs just fine till i go over 60

I replaced coils in 2, 4, 6 like the man at advanced to me to as the codes read that way.It ran fine for 3-4 months the it started idling real rough an not going into overdrive now the codes pop up to replace 2, 4, 6 coils along with maf sensor, I did an ran fine for 2 days check engine light came back on an all the same codes popped up that I just I have a computer problem any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance for any help

I have to undo battery cable to shut everything off. What is causing this?

I think the stabilizer rod, bushing is shot.

Fuses are all good but no power to panel fuse or brake light fuse directly above it! wires seem to be fine. After about 20 miles starts to idol ruff and will not exhilarate to highway speeds!

it shifts ok for a few miles

when am driving and want to apply brake i hear a brake warning and when i continue accelerating it stops.continue in that process as i try to apply again.

plus rpm lower than normal

this problem would just start sometimes at kick-starting the engine or inbetween motion, whenever I take my leg off the accelerator.