1999 Lexus RX300 Questions

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After new tires and alignment experienced pulling to right and wheels turning while driving. Returned to shop and was told I need ball joints replaced, rack and pinion leaking, etc..How did they do alignment if those issues existed? This all occurred in a matter of 3 weeks
At times would loose power & the throttle will go up and down while driving power will go down then pedal to floor then power kicks back in but not right away
I checked the fuses. Tail lights work, but no brake lights.
The tail lights work but no brake lights
how to remove ignition switch on a 1999 lexus rx300
Bought this 1 owner w/130k 900 miles ago. No smoke in 78 degree weather. Check engine light on 3 days after purchase, dealer cleaned o2 sensor, apt. for new one. Then 1st notice a little blue smoke at cold startup cooler o.s. temp (45), sometimes a lot, not always. All cold starts. Used 3/4 of a quart in 7-800 miles.
Since then dealer free changed from oil partial syn to straight. Please no discussion about that experiment unless relevant.
2 engine starts since oil change, 1st little smoke, day 2 sustained cloud equal to previous worst. See what happens tomorrow.
Spoke to previous owner before I bought he told me he changed it with regular oil at home (but admitted that he let it go to 4000+ ,some bs about a little leak, cardboard on garage floor? No evidence of a leak ever seen).
Blank carfax for oil changes, assuming dealer serviced under factory warranty.
Very good once over at 86k.
Valve stem seals, sludge or what, weather temperature being the same on cold starts?

How long have you had this problem? A few months
Some doors lock sometimes but not always the same doors.
How long have you had this problem? A few months
While I was drivin in a hot day a/c stop running..?
my vehicle jerks intermittently when on speed after covering about 25-30 km
Ring & brake light comes on going down rd.
it comes on & goes off when it wants to
I just know my car run bad and I can't get to 2nd gear and it's not getting the power I know it need to get speed
Problems occur when I start car at end of work. Does not smoke when driving.Today the car has not been idling smoothly on my way home.
I reset it by simply diconect ing the battery
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