2003 Lexus LX470 Questions

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I have a hard thump coming from the rear . apon acceleration. Happens sometimes .. Not sure what the culprit is please help identify
How can i repair the my radio display? It is sometimes off when i driving and listening music.
Should I simply look into trading in my car or fix the repairs? The repairs will cost $2746.29 total.
The lower dash and console lights do not illuminate. I've checked all of the fuses and they are okay. Is there a connector that may have come Loose?
When driving at 20 mph feels like i'm running over bumps in the road but it's rythmic (bum...bum...bum). Below or above 20 it's okay. The mechanic says it's the hydrolic sensors going bad? I think it could be unbalanced tires. Any suggestions?
how do i turn off the matanice light
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