2001 Lexus LX470 Questions

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we took it to a mechanic he could not read the code
took it to Lexus dealer they could not read the code or reset. They recommended replacing ABS box and the computer.
they stated vehicle needs ABS/VSC actuator/Motor/ECU Assy.
We were driving on Route 15 this hot weekend and heard a pop sound. Opened hood and radiator hose was disengaged from radiator. As a result, coolant level was low. Car towed to nearest repair shop. They tested leak in radiator cap but cap was fine. Coolant added but car won't start now. Battery is okay. Why won't car start?
The traction control alarm goes off very often, usually when banking to the right. If I veer back to the left, it will usually go off. Occasionally, the brakes "grab" for a split second.... I'm assuming it's some kind of safety feature. Dealership has said I need to replace some kind of steering control bar, tie rods and re-pack bearings....about $4k. Any ideas?? Note- the steering wheel is not properly aligned(straight, centered). It is cocked slightly to the left.
Since all the other windows work fine, its not the fuses. It does not make any noise when the button is pushed both from the door itself, and the driver's side controls. The light on door is working, so I presume its getting power. Does this mean the window motor is shot?
truck started then died! tried restart acted like dead batt. hooked up charger on boost will not crank. horn and lights work. batt cks good with meter. all guage needles [speed, tach, oil pres. etc FLASH off and on?????
looking for replacement bulbs (2 pin)
dealer wants $90 for 3 bulbs, truck needs 12 total
will not start key turn and do not engage
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