2000 Lexus LX470 Questions

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Leveling sensor not working on one Bumpy ride. Terrible bumpy ride, leveler
will not level vehicle.
My traction control switch start blinking when I'm in the road and my left tire lock on me and the ABS go on and make my SUV go to the right side
will finally start
I have to hold the window up and down levers to be able to raise and lower the windows on the master window switch at the drivers side door.
Lsc light came on dash while driving
passenger rear view mirror tilts down when put in reverse ....that is fine... but it also nudges the driver side mirror every time. is that a feed back problem or what... how can I fix that...
I was told the the oil in the self leveling system has to be replaced every year.. that it get dirty and can damage the system
It happens when rpms are below 1 - Also Check engine light sometimes just flashes? Diagnostic codes are P0300 - P0308 indicating misfires on all 8 cylinders, P0107 system too lean on bank 1 and P1310 which I didn't understand and which just referred me back to my owners manual.....What causes all this and how costly is this going to end up being??????
i had wanted to adjust its height and had pressed the height button from neutral to low. now it refuses to return to its former height, it drives terribly as it now bounces uncontrolably as you hit any bump and the "off'sign for the height control switch refuses to go off as it keeps blinking.
The car will stop at random times and will typically start back but feels like it is missing
Back blinkers work fine. hazard switch blinks only back lights as well.
No running lights or tag lights in rear.I put new bulbs in and checked fuses. Head lights work and break lights work just no running tail lights or tag lights .
We have had three coils replaced and different ones continue to go bad. After the car sits idle for a few days, we start the engine. The check engine light comes on and the engine runs rough. The dealer has replaced three coils, one at a time, and now it happens again with a different coil. Is there a common problem affectingthe coils?
I just replaced my lx470 axle boots but the outer boots are still leaking - any advise
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