2011 Lexus LS460 Questions

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one to four times a day. I drive about 10k a year
car has 57,000 miles
noise first started about 5 months ago, but once every week or two; now it's nearly every day for the last 4 to 5 weeks
2011 LS 460
Services tech did a diagnostic check and said possible compression problem on 3 cylinder, to pull cylinder tomorrow. Last night when driving car hesitated and slowed down and in light went on and stayed on also Trac control light went on and stayed on. Got power back but lights stayed on.
Any advice, do you think other cylinders affected???
Thank you,
AC vent behind glovebox making noise ever time AC turned OFF. Ac won't turn on automatically anymore--have to push button.
I spooned out as much as I could, but the next day the computer detected it. I'm being told by Lexus that I must replace all parts in the system ( $ 9,000). This was done about 4 days age.
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