2004 Lexus LS430 Questions

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I want the steering wheel to stay in one position of no movement when key is inserted in the ignition.
the VSC light came on 4 days ago. And the same time the car start shaking when I first start it. It's in the shop now and they told me that I have 2 coils that need to be replaced and 8 spark plugs.I read that the VSC has to do with the traction and skid control.
Please explain.
Fuse is fine, but there is no sound
The left front head light does not stay on after cycling the head light switch, then the light stays on for a while
Steering seems much heavier than I would expect in a Lexus. Car has the "Sport suspension" not sure if that has anything to do with it. Tires inflated properly etc. 72 K on the car. Fluid topped up.
I had no error codes prior to having new Michelin tires installed at Sams Club. Immediately after, CHECK VSC, TRAC OFF, and the RED EXCLAMATION point lights came on. Had a local repair shop read codes. Indicates YAW RATE SENSOR CALIBRATION, STEERING ANGLE, and several other codes. Google search indicates other owners having similar problems after tires installed, alignments, etc. that only required a Zero Point Calibration. Local repair shop was unable to reset the warning lights using their equipment. Could be a bizarre coincidence where an oxygen sensor or mass flow has gone bad, but seems more likely that one of the wheel sensors might have been damaged during tire installation. No Lexus dealer in my city (Pensacola), so stuck with local mechanics.
Can the Mark Levinson Audio System, that has stopped working in by Lexus LS 430, be repaired or does it have to be replaced?
closed when too much stuff in there - now will not release when given even a strong push - normally just needs small push to spring open
And a passenger side rear door lock do not work. Rear woofer is distorted sound,
Seems like gas pressurized struts are gone , how do I get it fixed economically?
I can't barely hear my callers and/or the instruction on the navigation system from the speaker on the driver's door. Callers hear me...I can't hear them.
TRAC OFF indicator also came on.
I had the gps updated on a monday and the next day i started to have problems. lexus claimed they did not know what it was. So I checked With a Radio Shop and They said it could be the ampli-fier what could be the problem?
will not lock manually
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