2002 Lexus LS430 Questions

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had bulb replaced. other bulb was good. lights work fine one time and the next time they don't
Also want to know what a brake job will cost for all four
We thought the battery was dead and had it jumped drove and replaced the battery and drove it for 4 hours. Today it will not start!
expensive to repair! Is he right? Buy car without nav,,,
if i put it in drive it waits a while then it shocks into drive,only happens with drive not with or cold.very often it goes in drive without even feeling it just like reverse
Computer won't reset
when I turn on headlights on sometime only one come on sometime botj
Since about a year after the car was new, a foul odor appears when the heater comes on. Tried changing Cabin Filters, spraying a lemon deodorizer into vents, dealer has did there fresh air treatment a # of times, I dusted the cabin filters with baking soda, I tried putting the heater on high-run the car with windows closed for an hour or two, but all has failed.
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