1998 Lexus LS400 Questions

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The fan initially started running intermittently, then totally stopped. Now--NOTHING!! No sound, no smell, no NOTHING!!
This is the 1st time to happen, where could the short or connection problem come from?
The cost difference is huge. The fan wobbles and I can hear a clicking sound coming from that area. When Iturn on the ac the sound is just a little louder. I have been told by some that there is minor leaking from water pump. I have been told by others there is no leaking. Timing belt and water pump were replaced 6 years ago and about 60 k miles ago. Visual inspection of timimg belt looks ok. I don't want to replace wp and tb if not necessary as the labor is much higher because of all that has to be removed. Is there a sure fire way to see what's causing that noise?
Do you unplug air suspension
Car drives well with no shimmy or drifting onto another lane, no excessive outer or inner tire wear. Went for alignment & was told couldn't do since tie rods needed to be replaced.Have talked to others, told both sides need to be replaced at same time if needed.Been told this may not be problem by others. Think tire shop wants more $ since I have life-time warranty for balance/alignment. Has anyone had this problem with older Lexus (250,000 miles)? Again, it only clunks when starting the car and turning steering wheel.
When i crank & start driving my 1998 Lexus ls 400 in the morning it will stay in low gear even though it's in drive ,but once it warm up it will change gears properly ,also after i get up to 40 mph it vibrates until i reach the speed about 48 or 50 mph it this a tran problem / 225000 miles 1998 lexus.
usually when stopping/slowing down, first indication radio will die, then in a minute or two, the engine will die and not restart without jump. Charging sys/battery ok. No chugging or sputtering, it just stops. Happened 5-6 times. mechanic can't duplicate. no fault codes present
running on 6 cylinders
Battery light is on, won't go off
Replaced timing belt and all belts last spring. Noise is not constant, still there when car is running but in Park. Turned of AC but noise is still there.
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