1997 Lexus LS400 Questions

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I have a power chair and was wondering if I can attach a hitch to hold the chair.
I have to jump start the car every day. It has a new battery and a new alternator.
While it's in drive as if it wants to go? When I put it in neutral the rpm goes back up to normal idle? What could be the problem? How much for repair? I need help...Please God bless...
At low rpm it's worse
i replace the timing belt and water pump because timing belt broke now it won't start what could be the reason.
The green backround light turns on but my heater nor a/c turns on. No temperature. At the same time my clock stopped working and the outside temperature too. I'm not sure why it stopped my sister was using my car when it happened. But please help its become winter and idk what to do.
I took my car to a muffler shop and was told the exhaust leak was in an EGR tube at the accordion part. I called Lexus parts and they said there is a short tube and a longer tube. At this point I do not know which one is the problem. Can you describe the replacement of both? Lexus wants around $200 each for the tubes and $14 for 1 of 2 gaskets needed for each tube. I found online parts stores selling the tubes for around $115-$123 each and gaskets for $2-$3 each. I also heard that the tubes might be repairable (via brazing or cutting out bad part of tube and somehow reconnecting? Can you expand on this as well?
was also exchanged at 30K
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