1996 Lexus LS400 Questions

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What's wrong with my car idle to low change plugs do you think i bought the wrong ones
Is it safe to clean your engine at the car wash?
When AC is not on it doesnt run hot, why? The engine seems to die down some when AC is on
Will the whining noise stop after the break in period of a new power steering pump?
My brakes shutter when i press on them?
When i step on the brakes they flutter, why?
My traction control/ABS light never goes off?
Low milage always garaged 96 Lexus LS400. When we drive the car for over 1 hour on the freeway at an avg speed of 65mph, then either you slow down for traffic or taking a exit, the motor turns off. No warning, very dangerous as the power steering and brakes obviously don't work easily. It's been to the Lexus Dealer shop twice, once for two weeks and they could not find anything wrong?
Excellent condition low mileage, always garaged parents car with all service done at dealer. After driving for an hour or so on freeways at over 65mph, then when traffic backs up and you need to slow to low rate of speed, car turns itself off. Also same situation when exiting freeway offramp, car unexpectly stalls to stop. Looses all power steering and braking even though car is still coasting, very dangerous for our new 18 year old driver to experience!
Car starts normally. No colored smoke from exhaust.
do i need to replace entire line or just hose
I seems To Come On A Lot earlier Than It Used To
Next day, the situation repeats. Can't use vehicle until I resolve problem. Any ideas of where I should look?
When we bought the car the engine light was on and dealer said it was O2 sensor. They replaced sensor and light went off for a few hundred miles. Light came back on and code is for catalytic converter. P0420 Cat Sys Efficiency Threshold That was two years ago (still trying to get dealer to fix problem). In the past week the car shudders-almost feels like it is downshifting and upshifting or like hitting a patch of ice where car slows and then catches and speeds up. We had the code cleared and checked and still only says catalytic converter. Thank you in advance.
first is i have a exhaust leak i think its a donut gasket infront of the cat.converter.2i have a oil leak but is the top part called the front seal or pan? 3 how do i get my temp.gauge to work?
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