1996 Lexus LS400 Questions

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My car will start sometimes but it will only stay on for 20 seconds and then it will shut down I thought it could be the computer I change the crankshaft sensors and a camshaft sensor they all new my car is a Lexus LS400 in 1996
My heater suddenly started blowing cold air, I turned up the temperature and it was ok for a while then it went cold again. I have just recently had the car resprayed could the sensor be dirty?
I have taken it to 3 different mechanic shops/ brake shops. 1 said they couldn’t get a code & the other 2 had no clue.
My power steering seems to stop working at low speeds and there is no leak the problem is getting more frequent and I don't want to ruin the pump I looked at some other posts and it maybe just the screen needs to be cleaned but sometimes when I manually unlock the car the drivers window rolls down and the locks unlock and lock sometimes too so I'm wondering if it's an electronic issue? Thanks for the help
first time this has occured
After stopping at a red light or stop sign the car seems like the transmission is slipping. If you turn the car off and back on again it works fine until you stop again. It doesn't happen every time.
i have replace the fuel filter i checked the fuel pump i have replaced the fuel pump relay it acts like it wants to start but it wont
Replaced plugs, wires, rotors, rotor buttons, checked igniters, checked mass flow sensor. Igniters and mass flow sensors are working fine.
Why does my 96 ls 400 start to run hot after running my air conditioner
Service indicator light came on. Can you tell me what it means? It's a red circle with 3 little lines on each side.
On the dash the battery indicator light stays on. The car starts up but will not shift into park or neutral. I have headlights but no brake lights,tail lights or signal lights. On the inside nothing works(i.e. ac/heater, radio, windows, mirrors, seats, instrument panel is blacked out as well as the dash. I do have interior dome lights and door lights but that's about it.
what price should i expect to pay for transmission fluid and filter replacemtent? and where should i go to get it done? is it something i can do?
I was told the solenoid shifter. It takes so long the first time we are ready to leave before it will shift into gear. I run the car, even rev up the engine.. then when it does it jolts out hard.
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