1995 Lexus LS400 Questions

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It wouldn't move it's like I'm in neutral through all the gears

The alternator fuse link was burn out ,change it but after that radio, power trunk and alarm not working properly. All fuses good now

Also where is the shut off switch for the air suspension?

I have a 1995 Lexus Ls400 and the passenger side rear end air suspension is not working I was looking on ebay for the parts but I do not know if I should buy a conversion kit and replace all four and will that be all I need to fix it or will it be cheaper just to get a new air suspension and will I have to replace all four as well

I would like to replace the bulb.

My Ls 400 will idle all day long but as soon as I put it in drive and press the gas, it dies out but start back up immediately.

what else do I need to look for?? I really need an answer if anyone has one

today it quit/stalled going down the road. don't understand what is wrong

sometime when driving it get soft but only for a split second I have tried bleeding it now I am woundering wheather it because the steering is not the same .cause I had to changed the switch on the new one in other for it to work on my car

it started last week when i put $25 of Chevron gas into it. i stopped and added some gas treatment, and it begin to run a lot better. A few days later, i put some HEET water remover in it, and finally, it ran fine. However, the problem can back tonight, worse than before. It smells of raw gas through the tail pipe and has a white/black carbon smoke. Once again, i added HEET, but the problem is still there. What can i do to solve this problem?