1994 Lexus LS400 Questions

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While driving on a hill at 60 mph and 2000 RPM my car stops accelerating and the gas peddle stops working. Same at lower speeds if I try to punch it. Timing belt replaced 25,000 miles ago. No other issues. Runs great. Tried putting fuel addatitive to clean injectors. Didn't help. Don't think its the fuel pump since it only happens when there is s load on the engine. Maybe timing belt? However it was changed more than two years ago at 105,000 miles. I don't have a trusted mechanic in the area. Hopefully you can help.
If I start the engine, it cuts as soon as it started... If I start the engine and step on the gas to pic up the refs slightly, then it idels.. But if I leave the gas it cuts or it idels but so soft you don't even hear the engine running but the engine is shaking....
Can it be the plugs..? Or what would you suggest
There's no check engine light at all with key on and no spark
I keep recharging my battery because it keeps running down after 2 days of full charge. All switches are off but this still happens
just aquired vihicle was told "don't start, won't run don't know why"

and when i bypass relay it car start run untill i take my foot of pedal it dies. help thank u
When you push on the gas pedal the car acts like it isn't getting any gas or its getting to much gas
Can the starter keep the motor from turning over by hand and a breaker bar?
There's a wire by the inside fuse box do that need to be plugged in
Breaks are sticking and will not release
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