1992 Lexus LS400 Questions

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is the front converter usually the problem and are their bolt on for the fron converters

where does it go i can not seem to find it, also where can i get a owners manual

The passenger side door lock wont open, the key will only go in 1/2 way?

hood latch will not close

shop simply said I need a valve cover gasket

Power steer fluid leeks into alternator and causes the car battery to become dead.. cannot keep car running. It runs fine when charged but after you turn off engine it will not start..occurs daily... car will not start unless new battery or alternator is replaced, then we are back to same problem1-2 months later..Alternator will be full of fluid

mi trasmision stop working wen mi st. got hi water and the car was park outside i made oil change on transmision but steal not working please sugest something tanks

My car is leaning in the back does anyone have any suggestions of what the problem may be? Could it be the fuse has gone bad or is my height suspension gone out completely?

A little over a month ago my car overheated. Because it is summertime in AZ I didn't think much about it. The coolant reservoir was low so I filled it back up. For the last two weeks I have been having problems with it overheating again. Every other day I have to add about a liter of coolant or else the car overheats again. How would I check to see if it is an issue with hoses, water pump or radiator?

put a new battery but doesn't start

car has been leaking oil for several months. With city driving I usually have to add a qt of oil every 400 miles or less.

my idleing to low n keep turnin off

I purchased this car and it won't start. Has no electrical spark to spark plugs.

in my 92 ls400 the electric door locks, power seat, cig lighter and ac doesnt work. any suggestions on where to start looking for problems ?

i think the fuse is blown for the sunroof where is the fuse