1992 Lexus LS400 Questions

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Got vehicle used replaced battery going down road and it just stopped. No noises. Towed in turning over very slowly and won't crank
fuel system problem quickly stalls
Every time I hit the brakes the dash goes dim and the reverse symbol on the dash lights up
I tried to start my car and the steering wheel, won't turn, it's not stuck, I can move it left to right, but only2 inches, for both sides, and my emergency brake light and battery light, are not turning off after ignition.
What is the cost for a 92 Lexus ls 400 climate control? I need this information as soon as possible.
what other things would cause the ceramics to melt in the converter
My alternator went out I changed it already the car runs good, how ever I am having a lot of electrical problems, and I check all the fuses they all tested good. However I was not able to check the relays.
I topped off my coolant with Prestone I bought at PepBoys. engine started to run rugged and loud noise when turning the steering wheel.
car runs great but when I turn the lights on car seem to default to second gear continuously.
All fluid levels ok, and engine runs good. Battery did discharge. Can charge battery and engine will run.
Hesitate, tach all over the place while driving
Other than cleaning and reassembly. Is it a adjustment sensitive component?
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