1991 Lexus LS400 Questions

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Recently got a used Lexus, the coolant reservoir drains dry, temp gage is functional but never indicates temperature past halfway mark. I'm getting the little birdcage dash light indicating the coolant system isn't properly functioning. Would it be safe to just top off with water until the problem can properly be addressed?
I changed the pressure line but now my brakes won't catch I bleed them and added fluid but still no brakes
vibrates on exceleration
Sometimes when you put the car in "D" it will move but it doesn't switch gears it just rev's up goes about 20mph and sometimes it will kick in and begin to work but sometimes NOT.
my tach reads well bellow 0 rpm ... I can see it slightly move at higher engine rpm ... how do i fix this
last week car ran fine this week when I push on the gas it takes for ever to get up to 20 miles, it also revs up when at a stop light. when I turn it on in the morning it shudders and vibrate very loud and it has a strong gas odor.
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