1990 Lexus LS400 Questions

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I am a light footed driver. I would think that the computer would adjust the timing. Thanks for your input. John Larson - Auburn, Washington
Not every time but completely random will this car die. So only when slowing down to come to a stop the engine will turn off. Usually doesn't start back up. Have waited minutes and it will start and sometimes have had to wait hours. Lights still work, the engine will try to start and wont stay running.
I replaced a dead battery and afterwards the cars starts but the auto transmission is locked in park position and headlights and other electrical devices don't work.
tail lights out replace bulbs with no luck. The fuse sizes in my used LEXUS don't match specs a friend told me. I need to know correct size of fuses.
The exhaust is getting red hot from the converter to the back of transmission.
Every time I brake all three brake lights do not come on. If there is someone behind me, they have no Idea when I am stopping. The fuse is good under dash and the bulbs are good.
started my lexus and all the warning lights came on and never went off , I run the car and my head lights where very dim. turned car off and had to jump start let it run for a 20 min period .preceded to drive home and when I applied the brake all the dash lights went dim then car died.had to tow it home.charged my battery all night . started this am but dash lights still didn't go it my alternator ?
I tried the override and rocking the steering wheel
Won't start I think I may have pulled the wrong fuse by axeadent plz help?
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