2003 Lexus IS300 Questions

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What could be the problem because I'm buying and don't want to spend money on it just got it
how should i fix it, and the code is po430 and po440, pplease help
ive also been losing oil somewhere. I change the oil on time every month and lately when I check it it is too low. i popped off the valve cover and took a look and oil is in the channel where spark plgs are.
I went in for an oil change and it was found at the oil change when they pulled the under-body back that I had oil leaking from the front of the engine. Still had plenty of oil on the dip stick and also the car has NOT been running hot. So no other symptoms so to speak. That car place does not do "engine" work like that but they said it looks like maybe a front head leak. I called another mechanic and spoke with them over the phone where they suggested to clean the engine real good and put a dye in there to see where the leak is coming from because it sounds more like a valve gasket leak. My question is which is more likely on my car with the so called symptoms and also is this a do-it-yourself project verses paying around 600 for labor and parts that do not cost that much??
or does the entire condensor need to be replaced
floorboard heats up when I am driving. my heater core was bypassed so I dont have a heater..Please help!!
The idle is perfect but has no power when accelerating.
This car has had major parts exchanged to include the ECU, mainly because it had a piggy-back chip on the ECU. Injectors, plugs, MAF, throttle control motor, and the exhaust system with new cats have all been renewed. In the beginning before installing all new parts and the chip still in place, the car ran good !
which one is bank 2 saying to replace o2 sensor or refering to cat conventor check for exhaust leak none found thank you
also the car has a single turbo 2jz
the check engine light came on, it requires a front catalytic converter, i took it to a shop and they said i need to just replace the two front ones. they said i have to buy the oem version, in order for the check engine light to go off. do i have to buy oem? i found an assy by Eastern will that work if its direct fir and to the 2003 IS 300 standards? i am so fed up i just want to sell the dog gone thing...
My battery is dead on my car and I can not move it out of Park gear
when i drive the shifter makes a clanking nose and the car wont go for like a half a second then its works fine. it does this every time i come to a complete stop, rolling stops don't seem to have this happen.
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