2002 Lexus IS300 Questions

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What is radiator capacity on 2002 Lexus IS300
it happens after driving a few miles, no liquid comes out. Starting to smell coolant
What should I do next . ?
my ? is would p0402,p0402 and p0406 effect doing a smog check on my car
I want to buy some aftermarket bulbs and I need to know the size of all them
warm heat air coming out from under dash what is the solution here
underneath the driver side and passenger side
Need to open bonnet as battery needs replacing. Can't start car due to dead battery.
Engine light came on at about 120,000 miles. Shop tested thoroughly and gave feedback that above needs replacement. They reset the light, a couple of times, but after a few days it comes back on. The car runs fine, but the light on is worrisome.
when i want start my car i put swich on and start but it wont start quickly in the first one then i try 3 or 4 times finally start
car is standard shift and has oil and filter changes only but still runs great
It is very very sluggish even when the pedal is to the floor. If the 0-60 was 8 seconds before, now its 20 or more! The shop has no idea whats wrong can anyone help me??
So my car starts to shake a little when i slow down and it would sometimes shuts off on me.
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