2010 Lexus IS250 Questions

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Last month it was the right side. Today the left. Is there or has there been a recall? Went to Toyota place dealership. They told me I would have to have whole new assembly. At the time like I said was just the right side. Now my left side is in the same condition. My husband has electric tape on it them right now holding them in place. So ghetto. Please tell me I can get a cheaper fix that what Toyota dealership wants to charge me.
Is it possible it can be tightened instead of buying a new assembly?
Could it be a fuse or a issue with the switch.
The stain started at around 1200 miles and continues to this day. I can wipe some of it away, but have never experienced any thing like this. I look at the muffler and tailpipe of other IS250 and no rust stains.
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