2008 Lexus IS250 Questions

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it pops when i turn it pretty good a low speeds like 5 or 10 mp. and when i brake than when i accelerate. and its not a continuous popping sound it pops one time hard after each. it aint the cv axles i don't think or the tie rods. i was wondering if it may be a subframe bolt?
It has a hook up for ipod and mp3. But I can't figure out how or if I can hook up my music from my Android phone
It used to play while I was driving down the road or just sitting in the car then one day I turned it on and all I get is sound and no image.
The screen shows each area like audio, GPS map, menu etc... but when I touch screen, no response...Poof, one day it works and the next it doesn't. Its never come back, just stopped working. Any ideas?
frozen navigation screen
2 on the left side
Car still runs but loud knocking noise.
The lights on the dashboard are staying on when they try to rest them and it stills gives the same code for that sensor
The cam rattle is upon start but not always...Is there a recall from Lexus that you know of?
how much would a dent cost on the driver side fender for IS250? i was trying to pull it out of a parking garage when i hit the pole to my left. there is a very clearly visible dent on the driver side right on top of the tire.
I have black dust that collects on my front wheels between washings that is not at all attractive. I have an AWD this a common occurrence with these vehicles or should I be concerned?
I was involved in a fender bender at about 5 miles per hour, as a result I have cracking on the fron bumper in between the headlight and grill and then under the grill. There are like 4 different areas of hair line cracks. Will I have to replace the bumper or can it be repaired, either way. About how much will it cost me?
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