2007 Lexus IS250 Questions

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every now and then sometimes as often as driving during the day I hear this clicking knocking noise.
When u in a stop sing feel like u loosing power...when u driving the car when u try to accelerate it doesn't response right away only sometimes..
Not sure if it is the car battery or the alarm control battery, I still see the little red light on the control though.
Almost all keys on touch screen display is not working. I can just operate temperature button and turn on and off AC. AUX port is also not functioning. Please advise.
I was told the whole ligh kit would have to be replaced and it would cost around $1,200
Well first it was air conditioner was frozen, car won't start,after belt broke, then it was car won't start because carbon build up.????????
Already remove single bolt on the shock and the 3 bolts on top. Still a lot of pressure on shock
Driving. I changed the water pump and pulley and has done it since actually a week later
it sounds like i'm starting a lawn mower up, like it's not catching at first then when it does it makes a noise turning over. I just had the start assembly replaced but still the same issue and no one has been able to duplicate it while it's in the shop and i'm paying an arm and a leg to get it checked out
What could possibly be the cause of this?
my 2007 lexus IS250 needs a tune up and I was told that i needed to replace the intake manifold gasket.
Next day after dealership 100,000 mile check-up, intermittent oil maintenance light appears and then engine noise and car in limp mode after 60mph. At the check-up, my car was fine, has been running great and was given clean bill of health with just needing a air filter. When I left the dealership after the 3 hour scheduled maintenance, the oil maintenance light flickered but I assumed if was nothing and the new oil hadn't registered yet or codes not cleared. Next day, problems. :(
What could be causing the 'limp mode' of limit of 60mph and oil maintenance light coming on after oil was changed by Lexus dealership? Checked oil level and fine. Help!
I know there is a TSB that describes where you have to lower the transmission to remove the grommet to the ac drain from under the car, but where does that drain start? I've been on other forums that clearly show this drain tube behind the carpet just below the glove box but their photo can't be from a 2007 IS. I went so far as to removed the glove box assembly but the tube is no where to be found. I want to blow it out from as close to its source as I can get.
Is an oil change necessary? If it is from lack of driving, would doing more highway driving fix the problem? They did not do the software update, or replace any sensors.

Can I jack up the car and look or try some movements. It would not be in the rear drive since it's AWD.
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