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Is there a recall my p/s light just came on in my Lexus 2006 IS 250
If solenoid values are known outside of the valve body. What is the expected value of the ECM Wire and or the Trans Valve Body wire? Trying to determine if a bad intermittent problem wire.
I put the muffler in and now the car accelerates wrong it don't accelerate when push the gas it accelerates by itself. Also tried to replace the number 30fise and when I put it in it sparks and burns it out
These two tests alone will definitively tell you if you have a leak or other engine problem, where it is. Why can I not find these tests available at most mechanic shops or sites, including
radio went on and off first then steering became hard, then the car died.

was able to get restarted about 3hrs later but doesn't run right
It stalled out and would not move into any gear. Had to have it towed to my house.What is the problem?
Can i just replace sensor.?
Back in january I got my air fuel sensor fixed. The receipt says p0051 bank 2 sensor 1. And p2714 solenoid "d". The same lights came up again and jiffy lube showed me the following codes p0761 and p2714. How do I know if its the same air fuel sensor or if its another one seeing that the dealership told me the car has 4 air fuel sensors?
Care received regular maintenance. One month later took it to dealership for bad smell. Two months later, took it back when I realized there was mold on my seats. They told me it was a clogged air conditioning drain.
Can you please help me figure out what is this noise coming from my engine. I can hear it when car is on stop. Please advise.

Many thanks

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