2008 Lexus GS350 Questions

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two days ago,i was driving on the car started too make a clattering noise from the engine..i pulled over .try to turn the car on and clattering noise got louder and the car wouldn't I just called a tow truck .Don't know what happened.the car was fine, Need help !!!!
There seems to be no damage to the brackets that hold the fog light. From what I understand, you access the fog light by accessing the light from the guard in front of the wheel. Is it as simple as getting nails and screwing the light back into place? If so, where do I get these nails? Affirmation and specifics would be great.
I dont see any oil leaks coming from motor and its not low on oil.
100,000 service level,.
Is this covered under warranty?
I have 100,600 miles on my 08 Lexus GS350 Ive never had a maintenance on my vehicle I just did a tune up and oil change but I want to change the fluid and filter in transmission can it be done by some one with very little mechanical experience and if so how is it done.???
I wonder how difficult it is to replace spak plugs. Can I do it myself?
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