2006 Lexus GS300 Questions

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75000 miles on the car
My odometer is not working also my power steering, brake, abs light is on my wheel is hard to turn
There is a loud buzzing sound coming from driver side mirror for about 15/20 seconds upon starting engine.
It has erratic idle to it and often drops to 450 rpm, have not had it die on me or cause any problems. The Lexus dealer told me they cleaned the throttle body and the code keeps coming back and also told me he thinks my throttle body needs replaced possibly for a cost of around $1100.
If i replace the throttle body myself will it screw the computer up and cause me more problems?
Heats not working climate,plus audio not working

Trying to find correct part number for RWD 06 GS300 ECU/ECM. Found several on ebay but don't see consistency in part numbers.
I've always heard a humming sound when driving but it appeared to be a normal sound but last night it became much louder and it is a whiny high pitch sound coming from under the hood when I am idling, shifting or driving. We also noticed some noise when we turn the wheel. There are no error codes on the diagnostic reading nor any lights or messages on the dashboard.
is it hard to change a starter on a awd
My 2006 GS300 developed a "bumping noise" on the underpinning of the vehicle. I checked, and it looks like the exhaust system has loosened and is hitting the body over bumps. Lexus wants about $1000 to repair. Is there no quick fix? Is there a place for a bracket or clamp? Why do you have to replace the whole system?
tire pressure is OK; the low tire pressure icon blinks continously
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