2004 Lexus GS300 Questions

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The down-up button on the steering wheel should shift when in manual mode. They do nothing. Is there a fuse?
I'm getting a p2111 code. Says the throttle actuator stuck open but I look at my valve plate and it's in the resting position.
The car check engine light was turned off after being diagnosed ut it was an O2 sensor that needed to be replaced however the car had still been in use. got up early and tried cranking the car but it was dead. Wiggle the post on battery and car cranked up. returned from work and decided to go back out and tried cranking the car was not dead but want turn over. the battery has been checked and starter both good.
It continues to display on the dashboard after brake light bulbs were replaced. All rear lights & directional are functioning properly.
Any suggestions?
When I turn the key, in the ignition, the engine struggles to start. Sometimes, I need to get a jump to start it. I have a new battery, my alternator is fine and once it's started, the engine hums like it's new. What could be the trouble? It's baffling, can you help?
What is a fair price for a 90,000 miles maintance on a 2004 Lexus GS300?
Recently experienced an engine blow out..piston drove into spark plug and blew out engine..Im being told the engine needs replacing...any one with this experience??
What does it mean when they check engine light and thte VSC off light is on?
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