2002 Lexus GS300 Questions

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I get off and stop the beeping
How long have you had this problem? Just bought car can you help
The cam are leaking oil and seals need replacement.
I'd also like to know where its located
It blows air just not cold air. What I do before bringing it in to a shop?
p1349 code, car running rough and vsc light on
Very low rpms and when I step the gas nothing happens, I have to restart and that usually fixes the problem
You know besides normal maintenance. I just bought car a few months ago. It has been well taken care of since new. Thanks! Oh yeah, the cruise control stopped working recently. I have not had it checked yet.
I change the engine ,complete tun up , had it by 6 different machicals still can't find the issue
i have chang actuators maguels senisors flush system replace complete box assy still same promble

Emissions test. I took it to Auto Zone for a printed diagnostics test. The code P0430 came up. Is that the o2 sensor?
When I'm driving my 2002 lexus Gs300, I hear road and wind noises. any suggestion on what could be the problem, or what I should do?
Put key n dr won't opn drs..wks whn it wants...locks me out!! Batt yr old..why? HELP ME???
I changed the tires made allighnment replaced the RF lower radius armbut of no benifit
the car still shifting to the right on braking , what is the solution for this problem?
several mechanics kept searching for a solution but still no solution found
code set after about 25 minutes of running time and after changing the spark plugs and oil... code cleared at shop and eluminated again after approx 25 more minutes. Solution?
I first started hearing a grinding sound coming from the glove compartment. Then the heater would no longer warm up, next the ac on the passenger side would not cool and now the ac on the driver side does not cool either. Any idea what will need to be replaced?
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