2001 Lexus GS300 Questions

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Driving and plastic bag covered my grill, next thing I notice was car was staring to smoke and run hot, now car won’t start? Not sure what problem can be
I am using Lexus GS300 2001 model and having some problem. especially in the morning once start the car and change gear to D (Drive) it's not moving only after pushing accelerator strongly its start moving, same time RPM go very high and the engine check signal also showing for some time) but at the same time if I did reverse gear its work smoothly. Please note not only in the morning but also after a long break like after 5 or 6 hours also same thing happening. I have visited many mechanics everyone saying different issue can anyone please suggest me the solution and reason for this problem.
thank you so much
When accelerating the car hesitates feels like cars bout to shut off
Heating problem on passenger side it runs cold on the passenger side. What do I need to check
I could not see nothing on the dashboard. it would not show nothing at all no blinking signal no nothing!!! but it was still with power as i drove. and i tried to roll the window down and it would not roll down while the lights were out. after awhile pass the dashboard lights came back on again. this problem as happen twice today and once last week. Do you know what this could be? I took it to auto zone and they told me my battery, alternator, and starter was reading normal codes.
everything in the car is okay. no check engine no oil light . there's no other light is on too.
New heads as well, changed solenoid. now ECM problem we think. Any tricks to turning off check engine light.
I have had a new battery and cables ,and new alternator installed.. The dealer even made a new key. But every now and then ,you turn the key and nothing happens......Is there a neutral safety switch or something else that they are missing???
Guys Please help me. This thing embarrasses me all the time while I race with my friends. My car responds late to the gear. It doesn't change on gears on time. First I thought that it's a problem with the make but no I raced with a friend who has the same car and his car's is better responding. Please help :(
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