1999 Lexus GS300 Questions

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White smoke coming from under hood, resevior full to the top and there's coolant everywhere
Over heated and want start.i try to started it sounds as if it wants to start but want..
what could be the problem
It started a week ago . It has done it three times so far.
The small "box" to the left of the gear shift won't allow me to shift.
The original wires are black, blue and do I match them up?
Its turning like it wants to start but doesnt fully turn all the way over
The mechanic shop say it's #5,but don't know why they just dry it out and say it's running fine now
Repair information
How do you. greese balljoint
Exhaust has been leaking at the mid pipe& the exhaust sounds like a go cart
About the hestitation am having while coming to a complete stop when begin to start driving it slows down then with a thump sound will continue togo when starting for the first time if you run the car for about half hour to hour it may run well
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