1998 Lexus GS300 Questions

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engine light came on i ran the diagnostic and code p 1705 came up the check engine light went back off but what part do i need for this code?

I recently bought a 1998 Lexus GS 300 that have been parked for almost 3 year and its immobiliser and the complete ignition are all gone missing from previous technicians i suppose,also red light keeps blinking. So please I need a clear image of how my 1998 Lexus GS 300 immobiliser and ignition and key fob looks like so that I can get an exact replace and begin to enjoy my ride.
It releases then stops and my traction control keeps engaging I just recently has some front-end work done and a month ago I actually replaced the pump because it completely went out but before it did it started to engage the traction and the breaks wood fail when I engage them and then they would come back
The car has low compression.What does that mean and how much to Repair?
The engine and radio shut off normally, but windows and sun roof still operate if i push switches and steering wheel doesnt adjust up. Will this use battery over night if I am not in car and door is shut?
when the car starts it run perfect then just stalls out like I turned the key off? there are no codes being stored in the ecm!
My car goes constantly up and down like this when i accelerate, as if it is changing gears back and forth.. what coulld be wrong?
Called shop they wanted near $500 to replace the sensor. Went to local repair shop, he disconnected battery got me a new gas cap and advised to make sure you place cap on secure (like turning well past it starts clicking). Went about nine months light came on again, disconnected battery, turned cap tighter and still has not come back on.
Ive also replaced brake switch,the door settings for the seats dont eork
run battery down over night
purchased my Lexus in 2002 w/79,000 miles owned for 10 yrs. now 239000 miles later same engine light vcs vcs off
light stays on 2008 i replaced 2 pistons spark plug that kept had moisture. but problem catalytic converter replaced &tune up followed $2600. later. ive lways dreamed of owning SC430 since 1998 when I saw an ad in Dubbs mag. but divorce happened so I couldnt afford the conv./sporty car. settled for GS 300. so far knock on wood shes giving me a run for my $. total cost of repairs $5600. thru out yrs of owning. first two. I was able to strictly deal w/Lexus dealership. 2007 I found a decent mechanic. But lost him due to economy. My fathers a retired mechanic but cant wrk anymore and now im disable financially i cant afford run around bad mechanics that bandaide just to nickle &dime me for wronf repairs w/half work or unfinished causing more damage. Please help me and direct me to right place &problem. thank you. Lordez

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