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My A/C compressor and clutch were replaced about 3-4 months ago and then about 2 months later at idle or slow moving traffic my AC would not blow cold air. I would turn off the AC and back on and it would work. This lasted for several weeks until it would not blow cold air at all. The dealership is telling me that my AC amplifier needs replaced and it cost over $1500? Does this sound acculturate?
Car starts with push button but shuts down while I still have the button pushed in. Sometimes it takes several tries to keep it started.
Several times when I have tried to start the car it starts, then shuts off with me still having the button pushed in. Several times I have tried to start it over and over again. It starts then shuts off, pushing my seat back as if I'm going to get out.
Ac comes on doesn't blow. Any air
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