2011 Lexus ES350 Questions

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What repairs to expect for repairs when buying a used Lexus 350 with 105 thousand km
Pressures are all correct on tires.
Want to reset warning light
Becoming more frequent
have howling noise front right. checked tire
ok. Pulled out from tire on wheel seemed tight. voice at low speed going and when
speed reduced. happens every day
Thanks bob Calandri
This happens when I start the car. The car is full option panorama with radar. Any help or advice what could be the cause and how to fix it? Thanks
Car seams to run ok but these Symbols stay lit
Just bought a 2011 ES 350, dealer sold me a warranty called CustomEdge "ultimate" by Warrantech, 72 months for $1900. Having second thoughts....can cancel within 60 days. Sales pitch was that because the car has such sophisticated electronics, any failure can be a very expensive repair. But the main reason I bought Lexus was extremely good brand repair history, i.e. they don't break much. Anyone have any opinion whether this warranty will make any sense ove the next 6 years ?? I don't drive my cars a mellow 65 yr old .
I experience a transmission fluid leak causing the automatic transmission to slip. The dealer identified the problem as corrosion of the tubing between the transmission and the radiator. They claim that this is due to salt in the air "environmental issues" and therefore NOT covered by warranty. We live in Palm Beach FL and the car only has 18k miles. Anyone have any experience with this or other "environmental" exceptions to Lexus warranty?
Right outside rear view mirror casing damaged and fell off. Lights work, mirror is in tact. Minimal scratch.
When I have a full tank of gas I have a thump coming from the rear end. After the gas tank is less than full the noise goes away. I have read other concerns by Lexus and Toyota owners going back to 2007 and they have reported the same problem. No one has received information from Toyota or Lexus to resolve this condition. I had my car at the local Lexus dealer to have this condition checked. They said they could not duplicate the problem. I heard the thump right after leaving the dealer, on just under a full tank of gas.
I want to avoid damage to the ABS unit and the sensor wire that are close to the inside of the front tires. I had my mechanic fit a SCC Z-6 cable chain for the 215x55r17 tires and they were within 1/8 of an inch of the wire. With some flexing the cable may rub on the wire. This is with the outside chain tighteners on. I need some chains for mountain driving when they require them over the passes. Thank You.
Research, have not brought yet.
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